What are people saying about STAR DOME?


Each presentation was tailored to the age group and interests of our campers and each was more fun and informative than the last. In five years as a camp director, I have never found a better presenter or presentation.

At the end of the week, my campers were already asking if they’d get to see the Star Dome again next year.

If you are looking for an informative, education and simply FUN presentation, Star Dome offers the best experience at the best value.

The Star Dome is one of my all-time favorite “all star” presentations! Fun, great educational value and amazing customer service!

Barret Miller
Camp Director
Fort Whyte Alive


The Stardome far exceeded my expectations. I had always thought I knew what the star dome was, but this experience opened my eyes. The technology and images where spectacular. The real gem, however, was the knowledge and storytelling ability of the presenter. Darren wove tales of mythology, history and science into one riveting presentation. My grade nines were thoroughly engaged. I highly recommend this for all ages. I will definitely book the Stardome again.

Jerrold Wiebe
Grade 9 Teacher
Westdale Junior High


"I am writing to let you know how much the students and staff of our school enjoyed having Stardome come to Starbuck. This was the second time we had a "Planetarium Day" and staff were impressed on how different the shows were from the previous visit two years ago and how closely the shows were related to each grade level's curriculum. We look forward to booking the mobile planetarium again and have made a plan to have this in our school plan every second year."

- Brian Gouriluk (Principal - Starbuck School)


"The presentation met curricular outcomes and information was presented in a way that the students could understand. They also appreciated the opportunity for questions."

- Paula Dorsey (St. Emile School)


"Star Dome made the  solar system "real" for the kids. I felt more connected to the skies in the dome than I have ever felt reading about the solar system."

Valerie Epp (Van Walleghem School)


"Our Beavers and Cubs loved Star Dome. I had parents tell me their children were talking about it two weeks after our meeting. Darren did a great job of entertaining the kids and they all got a kick out of zooming out to stars and planets. I have already recommended it to other groups."

- Mike Anderson (Cub Leader)


"I loved seeing all the stars plus the moon and constellations. When you zoom in and out it was so beautiful."

- Stephanie (Grade 6 student)


"Thank you sooo much. When you zoomed on the moon, I felt like I could grab it. Gripping."

- Justin (Grade 6 Student)

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